2007 INOA Rally

Aug 8, 2006
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I was just wondering how many of you are planning on attending the rally in Torrey Utah , July 18 - 22?
I am gonna be riding there from Durango on my 850 with a buddy on his Silver Jubilee Triumph. Really looking forward to it.
I am tentatively planning on going to the rally. Probably truck up with the featherlastic and BSA B50T in the back. Looks like they're going to have a vintage dual sport ride.

Be coming up from Silver City
I'm planning to be there. I've heard great things about that area. I'll be trailering the bike not riding it though. Torrey is 500 miles from here - a one day drive or a two day ride (or longer, depending on how many parts fall off along the way :roll: )

Plus with the car and trailer, I can buy stuff and haul it home :D

Well, So far it looks like it is gonna be a quiet time in Utah. I guess that's OK, I like riding uncrowded roads. :P
Oh, I think you'll have no trouble finding riding partners. There just won't be very many from this forum! :lol: