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:? I have recently been given the chance to buy what was described as a 1969- Norton Commando Villiard(s). Is there such a machine & if so what is it worth?
It's "Villers" the two names Norton and Villers came as a pair on early Commando's. 69's are the second year almost all were Fastback models with steel exposed oil tanks. They have some weak frame things that need to be looked into but can be good bikes. Some people like the fact that the center stand does not effect the rear iso's norbsa
What it's worth depends on its condition, originality, and how much you want it. I hear this question constantly. I ask myself this question constantly. Asking prices in want ads are generally optomistic. Selling price on eBay is often a closer indicator, but often reflects the desire of an individual, not the market.

If you're buying, compare and go with what you feel comfortable paying. As long as it is within your budget, don't worry if you "got a deal", buy the bike because it gives you pleasure in one form or another.

If your selling, this is tougher. If you need the money, be prepared to sell for less than what you think it is worth. If you just need the space, take your time, advertise widely, and wait.
Wow you guys have a lot of bikes. Now I don't feel so bad about having three! Gee, maybe I should buy another one. Would love to have an Atlas or maybe a nice Ducati single. But I'd need a bigger garage first :)

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Commando values in the UK are roughly:

- Less than $3500 = ratty or a non runner

- $3500 to $5000 = well sorted private bike.

- $5000 to $7000 = buying from a trader / excellent condition.

I'd guess that the prices in the USA are a bit lower ( what isn't!! ).

As Ron says, the value depends on how much you want it. All the different years / models have their own charms.
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