1965 Atlas Norton running-Original whats it worth

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Dec 5, 2007
Hi there, I am came across a 1965 Norton Atlas 4 sale -can one of you knowledgable people give me a price and are they are a desirable model. I was thinking of getting it 4 my wife who rides as she is a 65 model herself. Look forward to hearing from you all. thanks Rob
Yes an Atlas is certainly a desirable model, the price of course can vary widely due to condition, and I can't really say what the average price is where you live, but the asking price for a good restored one in the UK I would expect to be somewhere around the £3,500-4,000GBP. I hope your wife is able to kick start a 750cc bike OK? The early ones had low compression pistons as standard, the later ones did not!
Prepare to be vibrated to death. The high vibration levels of the Atlas were one of the major reasons for the development of the Commando.

At Norton we reckoned that an Atlas headlight bulb would last 5000 miles and it didn't matter whether it was switched on or not. The vibration would shake the filament off its posts inside the bulb. The major negative from the rider's viewpoint was that the vibration made your feet and fingers go numb after about 100 miles.

Even the 650SS had a vibration problem. The smoothest of the twins was the 500cc Dominator.

As posted above, be sure the potential rider can kick it over. I don't think it had a compression release, and it has a wide seat because of the frame configuration.
thanks for the info

I,m sure she wont have trouble kicking it, she can start my commando better than me. She has the long smooth kick i am having trouble perfecting, Embarressing to say the least . I am a bit concerned about keeping two old nortons on the road and running so am a bit inclined to go for a new trumpy t100 or bonniville ,They retain the charector of the old without the hassle of fixing all the time.
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