1. Phliper00

    Bsa a50 transmission won’t engage

    Hi guys, I was doing a small ride with my 68 A50. My rear chain broke. I replaced it with a 530 instead of a 520. The bike starts 1st or 2nd kick. I tried to go for a ride this PM but the first gear won’t engage. The lever refuse to engage the first gear. I hear a “trrrrrr trrrrr” when I try...
  2. Torsion damper in the drive train

    Gents, Not wanting to mess with the thread on shockproof oils, here is how Ducati solved their need for a torsion damper. Their design is hardly different to the AMC design we know which was in use right up to 1968, just bigger and probably better tuned. The beauty of using rubber is that the...
  3. Gearbox identification

    The '68 Norton project (identified through engine and frame serial number) I've purchased has a gearbox with the following stamped on it 307723 Z. Out of all the Norton parts books I've looked through I can't find what year it is from or if it is even a Norton gearbox. Looking for help...