1. Big_Jim59

    Mounting & Balancing Your Own Tires

    I have been changing motorcycle tires all my life. I have used tire mounting machines. I have also a couple of long screwdrivers to get the job done in a pinch. Mounting tires, in my garage, is not the problem. It's the balancing. I am wondering what other's do when it comes to balancing? Do...
  2. Big_Jim59

    Rear Avon Roadrider Cracking

    My '74 Norton came with a 110/90v18 Avon Roadrider on the rear. The tire is dated from 2012. I know that this bike has been stored inside, out of the sun and yet the tire has deep cracks running a quarter way, or more, around the sidewall just above the bead. I have done a little Google...