Feb 6, 2011
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Hi everyone hope we are all well has anyone had any of the new Royal Enfield Interceptors how’ve you been getting on been considering what to get dad if he doesn’t get on with the Tenere 700 I got him with his stage 3b/4 prostate cancer when he’s able to ride again,

Thanks in advance Tj
I know a couple of lads who’ve had / have them. They generally rave about them. LOADS of aftermarket stuff for them too if that’s your thing, but spending a ton of money on upgrading one up kinda defeats the objective IMO coz you cudda just bought a Triumph instead!

Their low cost comes at a price though, they are built to a budget, so for example, they need some TLC if being ridden through a Brit winter.

Generally, they’re good, fun, usable bikes at a pretty unbeatable price point.
Thanks Eddie yep that’s the interesting weigh up we had an 865 a few years back it’s the Bonnie’sthat springs to mind initially. We did have a fair few issues with a Himmy that I ended up rejecting as they couldn’t get the parts to fix it at the time.
I’ve test ridden an Intercepter and really liked it. Last year I sat on one of the new Super Meteor 650 cruisers and really liked the riding position. It’s not really my kind of bike, but it was super comfortable. Might be worth looking at for your pop. I hope he’s doing ok.