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Annandale, VA
Greg Marsh Enterprises is a full dealer for Amal, Tri-Spark, Wassel, Central Wheel Components, and a reseller for Andover Norton, JRC Engineering, and Colorado Norton Works.

Members of this forum always pay less than the prices published on my web site:


Amal premier carb sets for Norton Commandos are $455.00 delivered to the US and I don't sell generic sets - only the correct set for your bike.

Tri-Spark Ignitions for singles and twins are $225.00 delivered to the US. These are the new version that work both CW and CCW. I also have the Triumph Twin CW Only for $215.00 delivered to the US and the Triumph/BSA Triple for $250.00 delivered to the US.

Tri-Spark MOSFET Regulators are $105.00 delivered to the US.

A Tri-Spark Twin Ignition and MOSFET ordered together are $315.00 delivered to the US.

I bought out the Old Britts AN stock below cost and am selling to forum members very inexpensively. Besides the Old Britts stock, I have over 2000 Andover Norton parts.

I sell Lucas, Hepolite, and Girling for less than anyone I am aware of. These are all from Wassel and are quality products. I sell/can get other Wassel products, and I try to weed out the bad ones. For instance, anything Lucas-like is junk, the petcocks they sell are excellent. They sell several different twistgrips – some junk, some excellent.
You can fill a cart and request a quote. Better still is write or call me and we can figure out what you need together. 703-200-4025 or

Amal sets available as of July 2, 2023 and Amal Info:

Part Avail Description
PACK 111 2 Commando, 1971-1972, 750cc, R930/68 L930/69, 220/106/3/17
PACK 112 2 Commando, 1973, 750cc, R932/26 L932/27, 230/106/3/17
PACK 113 1 Commando Mk 2A, 1974, 850cc, R932/33 L932/34, 220/106/3-1/2/19
PACK 114 2 Commando Roadster MKIII, 1974 and later, 850cc, R932/42 L932/43, 220/106/3-1/2/19
PACK 133 2 Commando 750cc 1968 Std, R930/26 L930/27, 220/106/3/17
PACK 134 2 Commando 750cc 1969 Std, R930/30 L930/31, 220/106/3/17
PACK 135 1 Commando, 1970, 750cc, R930/46 L930/47, 180/106/3/17
PACK 136 0 Commando Roadster, 1973 (1), 850cc, R932/29 L932/30, 260/106/3-1/2/19
PACK 137 1 Commando Mk 1A/Mk 2A, 1973-1974, 850cc, R932/31 L932/32, 230/106/3-1/2/19
PACK 138 0 Commando Mk 2, 1974, 850cc, R932/35 L932/36, 260/106/3-1/2/19
PACK 139 3 Commando, 1972-1973, 750cc, R930/82 L930/83, 220/106/3/17
PACK 140 2 Commando Combat, 1972, 750cc, R932/19 L932/20, 220/106/3/17

The last number in each is the pilot jet. Amal says that 750s should use #17 and 850s should use #19. Many prefer #19 for 750 as well. Pilot jets cost a ridiculous amount of money, but I have some Amal provided to shut me up about the issue so I can usually provide #19 when requested with a PACK set.

If you don't know about "PACK" numbers, they are sets of Premier carbs. The non-Premier sets are "ACK" numbers (no longer available). Each PACK set includes the carbs with the traditional sub-number on the side. For instance, if you have a Combat it came from the factory with the carbs R932/19 & L932/20 and that's what PACK 140 contains. To figure out which PACK you need, see the bottom of this page: the list above can be used, but there are quite a few notes on the CommandoID page. For instance, the application data above is what Amal says but PACK 139 is confusing - it's certainly for 72 non-Combat and if your 73 had 30mm carbs it's for that too, but most 73 750s need PACK 112. If you have trouble figuring it out, I'm happy to help.
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