Wish it was in my garage

He may be hopeful on his price, but there are enough willing rich dudes out there that it will sell for somewhere in his range.

Crazy, but true.
My son made a statue like that when he was in 3rd grade.

Doofus, he ended up going into the army instead of becoming a famous sculptor! I'll bet he'll be kicking himself in the butt if I forward him this info...
The artist made 6 of these statues, there is currently another for sale in a dealers showroom, its only €24m. Seems 2 very egotistical guys got into a bidding war and paid way over the odds in the heat of the moment.
It would take me several years to pay the interest on the down payment on that kind of money...
I don't know art to save my life, but if I had $60K to blow I'd offer $40K (it ain't going for less, to be sure) and put the remaining $20K towards BEGINNING the restoration. Another $20-40K and I'd have a nice Rapide.

And then I'd be (semi-)despondent because it wasn't a Shadow or Lightning....