Whoops 2023 Thruxton

Ashman, I love it so far. I need to get it run in, then I can push it a bit harder. My friends in the Norton club seem to like it. I can’t wait to get out on it again.
Jerry these motors are sort of run in and opening it up every so often while running it in won't hurt it infact they like it, the most important thing is don't Labor the motor but once you get the first 500 mile service it's OK to ride it normal just don't over do it of course but don't pussie it and the more miles you clock up the better they go and after 5 years on mine it just gets better.
Dont Hit full tit till 1000, miles .
Dont hold full tit till 2000 miles .

Observe Barometric / Temperture load drivle . If youre considerate itll keep getting quicker for 5 or 10 . 000 . And LAST .

Whereas if you tear the guts out of it like a typical 18 year old . It might not last as long .

Id Dfinately do a 500 mile Oil Change , and again at around 1500 , so there NO non oily things in the oil .

Use the gear shift , dont slog it . As in let it ' run free ' but keep to below 1/2 throttle & rpm for the first 500 ,
only intermitently over for the next five , and not to agro .

Dont use the Clarkson Top Gear Celebrady lap time approach unless you planning on replacing it sometime .
I followed the official Triumph break in instructions very closely. The bike doesn't use any measurable oil in between changes. The oil still looks almost as clean as new at change time.
I'm not sure why Triumph has such an involved break in procedure but I think it's wise to follow it.
Our new Mazda CX30 did not have any break in procedure, as seems to be the norm with most new vehicles now.
That worked OK with our last Mazda. It still doesn't use oil at 315,000 kms.
With this new one the salesman insisted on demonstrating how to use the entertainment system. We sat with the new car idling for close to an hour while he f###ked about with the entertainment system, never quite getting it to work, as he didnt understand how to operate it. After about 20 minutes of this,I went to shut the engine off and he shouted " No, No! Leave it on!" Eventually he gave up.

I figured out how to operate all of that stuff at home. I did not let the poor car sit at idle any more, it made more sense to just read the manual instead!

This car does use oil. I changed the first oil at the recommended time (1000 kms) The next change would be at 15k however it needed topping up twice to get there as the add oil icon came on twice.
It now has 35k on and seems to be coming out of that.
Probably the very worst thing you could do with a new engine of any type is to sit at an idle for an extended period like that.
I should have known better than to allow that to happen.