Where do we get our Norton parts from??

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Nov 20, 2004
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In the UK we are pretty much spoilt for choice where suppliers of Norton parts and services are concerned, but I was wondering where our other non-UK members normally buy their parts? I know of various suppliers in the US and Canada etc. that have been mentioned here and I will leave it to up others who have used these companies to mention them.

I'll start the ball rolling for the UK with suppliers I have used:

Preferred supplier:

Mick Hemmings Motorcycles (no website)
72/74 Overstone Road
Phone (in UK) 01604 638505 Fax 01604 631838

I've always had fast friendly personal service from Mick & Angela Hemmings.



Norvil Motorcycles: http://www.norvilmotorcycle.co.uk/

RGM Motors: http://www.rgmmotors.co.uk/

Both supply a range of their own performance & custom parts (as Mick Hemmings does) and I've never had bad service from either of them.

There are certainly other suppliers in the UK, but I will leave it to those members that use them to mention them.

But what about the rest of the world?

So, who/where do you get your parts from?
Do they normally have what you need in stock?
How quick are they?
Do they normally send the correct parts?
A few of my favorite suppliers:

Fair Spares America/Phil Radford
MAP Cycle Supply

I've had excellent service from all. Norvil offers some items that aren't available elsewhere, but shipping from the UK is pretty expensive.

In minnesota i've been getting my parts from Skips Brit Bikes Plus in isanti. He's just about an hour north of me, so i've been able to get my larger items to save on shipping such as tires. He's specializes in commandos specifically so he's been a godsend for parts and knowledge i must say. He sells on eBay and ships every day he's open.

There is also a Klempfs which is south of me, haven't purchased any parts from him but spoke to him briefly about petcocks. He seems to move the inventory as he recommended only running the BAP brand petcocks. Too many leaky problems running the stock replacement ones.
where do we get our parts

Hi there, L.A.B., Mick Hemmings has a web site,showing his catalog and a mini bio.
I deal mostly with Frank Holmes ( Frank's Brit Bike Barn ) in New Hampsire.
Rocky Point Cycle.
Mick Hemmings (UK)
Re: where do we get our parts

james said:
Mick Hemmings has a web site,showing his catalog and a mini bio.

Do you happen to know that website address?

As I can't find anything, all I can turn up is the Mick Hemmings feature on the 'Norton on the Net' website: http://www.norton.norvil.net/mickh.htm

A while ago I did ask Angela if they would likely to set up a website in the future as it might bring in a bit more business? And I got a firm "No! We are quite busy enough as it is -thank you" reply!
Used to be mainly Norvil but they have got so expensive for stock parts so for these I use RGM and then Regal who are only an hour from me. Have bought from Mick Hemmings and the service and advice is great as is RGM and Regal.
RGM mostly, but I've just discovered Regal as I'm also close to them.
Try to avoid Norvil if I can, too expensive.
Thanks for the link to the Hemmings website James,
(there's a comma in there I had to remove to get the link to work for me) http://www.mickhemmings.com/

Looks as if they've had a change of heart about using the internet:
South of the equator I use British Spares of New Zealand, always had good service and their prices are comparable to those of Norvil etc., they are at www.britishspares.com

Regards Vince
I've had good luck finding everything I need for my '75 Norton at Rabers Parts Mart in San Jose, California.

Just about finished a bare crank, bare frame rebuild of a Mk3.
From the start I set up a spreadsheet to compare Andover, Norvil and OldBritts prices. Andover are consistently 10-15% cheaper than anyone else and I've had great service from Nick hopkins and his team.
Having said that, Fred and Ella at oldBritts have also provided excellent service and special parts/service not offered elsewhere.
Hi Folks-
Used RGM and norvil years ago when I was really into doing 3-4 bikes a year and the currency exchange rate was a bit more equitable. Brit only, Baxter and Domiracer more nowadays. There's Triumphs and a BSA in the stable now, so this may tint the results.
Kansas, America
I get most of my parts out of a big box in the corner of the garage :D

If I can, I shop in person at Carl Rosner's in Croydon (He's always got anything currently available from Regal) or sometimes Russells if I can face the traffic. No problems with RGM and Norvil (who has the advantage of being at the big shows).

I've always preferred Dave Middleton for stainless but sometimes parts from Molnars at shows.

Lockheed hydraulics direct from Andover Norton.

I'm quite happy buying parts to recondition at jumbles or eBay but wouldn't touch either for engine internals.

I haven't seen any mention on this forum of the Norton Motors / Andover Norton buy-out. Are all our spares going back up to the midlands ? :?
My 'spares experience' for past 21 years on Norton Commandos:

RGM - excellent service and fair prices with many special parts available

Brit Bits (Christchurch) - good old fashioned counter service and mail order, very knowledgable and friendly

Mick Hemmings - visited shop in the past and purchased items for an old fastback, again a very friendly service and knowledgable. Mick H is a hero who is still riding strong and fast, saw him at goodwood revival this year scratching along with Wayne Gardner & co:)

Norvil - inflated ex vat catalogue prices, so adding vat = more inflated prices, inflated P&p charges and inflated ego! They're now seen selling on ebay with more inflated prices!
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