What Did You Do With Your Commando Today?

Seems odd to me that we cannot use legitimate words or names in legitimate conversations without ‘triggering’ something.

Ok… not odd… wrong.

I don't set the rules but perhaps Jerry might consider removing 'C***a' from the list.
Or call it Cathay instead (assuming that doesn't trigger the system). :)
I have a different opinion on pointing the light down. The light is much more visible pointing as you would with a standard bulb. I run mine with the high beam on all the time but I am in a rural area and if it bothers someone at least I know they see me. I’m am talking about a daylight situation.Just my 2 cents.
Amen Mike.

High beams in daylight save lives. 🏁
Not today but yesterday and the day before. Rode it harder than I ever have on some terrific mountain roads with a score of like minded souls, just part of three of the best bike-centric days ever in the company of some great characters.
Convinced me to ride more often without using ear plugs and just drink in the soundtrack.
It was a GREAT time! 😎🏁🏍️💨
Amen Mike.

High beams in daylight save lives. 🏁
I agree big time.

However, best not to let it lull you into a false sense of security… the bastards still have to actually LOOK…!

I had a very close call on Sunday, even though I was riding with a Cyclops LED headlight… AND two Custom Dynamics LED day time running lights… AND two very loud exhaust pipes…!
Today was the day to temporary fix wiring ( I like to think it was permanent, but I know better) and went for 35 mile ride with my wife!
What Did You Do With Your Commando Today?
What Did You Do With Your Commando Today?
Took a short ride before the afternoon rain.

That's my kinda road (well, except I like it paved). Not a human soul around but one rider. This is a view I see all the time where I live and ride - canopy of trees along a lonely back country road. Still, critters do pop out of the bush without warning and you have to be alert. There are a few roads that are gravel and I purposely ride those roads once in a while to get some practice in.
Couldn't agree more F.E
Regardless of bright day light lighting i run... I still ride as if its night and I have no lights on ...during the day
As if "in a war zone, heightened level of alertness, caution, suspicion. Plan for an ambush, have an escape all thought through"
Rode about 75 mi. today. Rode the bike to breakfast and went on a little ride before work. Went on another ride after work. A perfect start and end to a perfect day. Ride on!
Our Spring O.n.O. Dark Cafe Rally held at Camping in Muskoka, Gravenhusrt Ont.
Weekend event. 12 Commando's involved plus other Marques including BMWs, KLRs,Yamaha, Ducati, and Triumph. Forgive me if I forgot anyone.😬

Left my place Friday in the morning (cold as Hell) +35 deg F. Frost on my grass.
Came back this evening Sunday 5:15 pm.
616 miles clocked.
I'm bushed!
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