Triumph Fork Compatibility? (T100/T120)

Jul 2, 2015
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Hi, all, I *may* be about to embark on a long-term Bitsa project with a 1967 Triumph T100C frame I have. I know nothing about Triumphs, however. (Lots of Royal Enfield experience and a bunch with a Matchless/Norton hybrid...)

Looking for a fork, I wanted to know if the T100 frame would accept the fork from a T120 or other Triumph model, with regard to both stem and bearing sizes and respective lengths of the assembled forks.

(I've scoured the Internet but the modern Triumph models seem to dominate all searches...reference to any resources available would be appreciated.)


May 7, 2005
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Overall the 68 to 70 forks are the same as the 67 and can be used but it is a minefield of yoke widths, axle widths, mudguard stay, fork lower etc variations which if known about can be avoided or worked around but buying blindly can result is headaches.

There are 3 axle lengths 67 to 70 as an example.

The easiest way is to get a complete front end with all the parts from the same year, ie yokes, forks and front wheel. Buying piecemeal and mixing years will have you head scratching to work out how to get it together, especially if BSA parts which used the same fork lowers get accidentally introduced.