Three State Ride

Jun 1, 2003
Country flag
For any body that's interested we do a three state ride every year from Blowing Rock Nc. it is a 200 mile loop through some of the most beautiful country side you will ever see. it will take you in to Tn. and Va than back to Blowing Rock for a catered B B Q that is great eating.This year it is on May 15-16-17 and would like to see a bigger Norton turn out so come on out guys. contact me for more info.
Bill - sounds like a great ride.

I put at least 10,000 miles of rubber on the pavement last year and hope to do the same this year too. (Although much of last year's mileage was on my Harley or Beemer, I put a respectable 2,500 or so on my Commando).

I have a website: which I set up a little while back so people have a place to post their road trip stories, tall tales, photos, videos, etc to share with their friends.

Hope you check it out. Would be great if the people on the 3-state ride post their stories, photos, vids on my site.

Enjoy the ride - get out there!

Keith Kelly