Swap Meet, Link to Britsh Bike Pics

Dec 27, 2005
Well our local swap meet was on yesterday Sunday 17th Sep and there were a few bikes on display. Not a bad turn out for a small country town. So i have put in a link to the pictures


The Triumph with the side car won the section with the silver triton gettin the runners up. Hopefully next year after the seat is recovered and all the small bits are fixed up i can steal the first place.

Regards Black/Gold

P.S Sorry for the picture quality they are off me phone.
P.S.S Mine is the Black 750 Commando with the gold stickers.
Pleasant looking machines...all of them. Would be a rare thing to see so many english rides here in one place...I'm normally the only one at some rally...but that isn't so bad..... :wink: