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Jul 24, 2009
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after over eight months, got my scooter back on the road... thanks to surfdog for his pakistani tank.

bike has always run too rich, after messin with the mikuni for hours and days, I finally put a UNI foam filter on da thang.... what a difference! better than ever, lotsa get up and go. like the hawaiians say "wiki wiki"

now, the trouble I have is going from neutral to first. It takes a real push to get it in gear, and the grinding sound makes my skin crawl.

whaddaya think? gunked up primary/clutch?

many thanks,

Tranny bushings and/or clutch adjustment.

meanwhile, shift N > 2nd > 1st to avoid graunching.
Hey DonOR man!
Glad the tank is working for ya.
Hey my roadster is hard to get into first from neutral too.
But I found a trick that works for me.
If i just roll forward as bit by pushing with my feet, just a couple of inches, it clicks in.
It'll go in if i'm rolling or if I'm in motion down shifting from 2nd to 1st ok.
If I stop and put it into neutral, I'll need to roll it a bit to get it into 1st.
Happy riding!
Used to clean the late clutch plates regularly to prevent that , and itd lose bite.Was running 23 T on a 750 .
In the end I got to 'letting clutch in ' rather than slideing it . seemed to do the trick. the gummy stuff from
slideing it like the cork Triumph clutch would , gummed it up a way .

Shift ordinarilly was like a electric shift , clutchless .If it doesnt come back shifting smoothly the selector
could be twisted / or bent as the used to say . Big hoofs make big Graunches , a tap with the toe and it
will shift itself if set right . The Nylon inner cable , with the nylon trimmed 1/2 in. at the ends to stop it
bunching at the ends was unoiled. Earlyer cables maybe need washing out and oiling hanging up with a
little funnel over the end , overnight or untill the clean oil is coming out the lower end. after this the odd
'top up ' suffices , just disconecting at the lever.
Fwiw I just changed the layshaft bearing & gearshift spring in my trans and it goes into 1st much smoother / quieter now. Old bearing was worn, changed the spring just because I was there.
Not open for further replies.