That is very sad news. Spoke with him on the phone a few times, great sense of humor and a fair business man. Will be missed.

Rest in Peace.
Godspeed RoadScholar on your highway journey to heaven
Rest in Peace
The celebration of his life was very touching.😔
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That’s very sad, and a shock, I was only conversing with Bill recently and was under the impression he was on the mend from health issues.

RIP Bill and sincere condolences to his family.
I had dealings with him also. I found him to be fair and most importantly helpful. May he be in heaven before the devil has known he died.
Very sad news. I also spoke with him a few times and had some business dealings with him. Very nice man, easy to talk to and great to deal with.
RIP Bill.
This is such sad news. I had not heard from Bill for quite a few weeks and had no idea he passed away. We spoke recently at length about bikes, classic cars, guns and life in general. He sounded in good spirits but did say some things towards the end of the conversation that stuck with me over the next several days.

He had a way with words and I always enjoyed our conversations. He had so many interesting stories to tell and was always eager to share information and knowledge. So very polite and considerate. Great laugh that came easy.

He will truly be missed.

Godspeed Bill.