Rebuilt Front and Rear ISOS today!

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Jun 17, 2009
Front ISO of course was easy, cleaned, silicon lubed new rubbers, all went together easily.

The rear we did totally in frame, nothing removed, except the dave taylor head steady released from the top frame tube.
Bike on lift holding front tire in grips, no centerstand used, small floor jack to move motor up and down.

Dug the ten year old rubbers out, slathered new rubbers with lube, and everything went back together in about two hours.

WHAT a difference of the ride home, felt like my 750s of thirty five years ago, real smooth at 2700 and up.
The old rubbers were hard, would not compress much, the new ones are nice and soft, that is the key.
Used the new nylon washers supplied by Phil at Fair Spares, greased them and the endcaps.
All in all, was surprised at how easily the job went, and very pleased with the result!
Too easy! You were supposed to be all frustrated, your bike was supposed to slip off the jack and dent the tank, the new kit was supposed to take 4 hours to get half way in after ripping the entire rear end off the bike, etc.

What happened, did you do a search and read the extensive step-by-step fool-proof method that I've seen here a half-dozen times?

Too easy.
sorry, no pictures

No need to pics, it is a simple job, did not read any instructions, just look at it and do it, everything was obvious

hey grandpaul, you have any recommendations as to where and what kind of tube for 18 inch rear that is highest quality, will NOT leak?
I use Michelin tubes, they are heavy duty and high quality. CHECK THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE. Don't get one more than a year old.

Also check your tire's inner surface for thorns, spliters or debris!
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