Prestolite Starter

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Mar 21, 2006
I'm only just getting up to speed on Norton Commandos, I've heard that there may be alternatives to the standard Prestolite starter for my '75 Norton 850 Commando MK III Roadster.

I've looked around on the Internet, but so far have only come across adding two additional poles to my existing starter.

Does anyone know of a source that I might me able to purchase either a Harley starter that would fit, or an aftermarket starter that I could purchase.

Although my starter seems to work great now, I've also read many time, here also, that it's wise to go to a four-pole starter upgrade.

As I am no longer able to do very much work on my bike, and a have a general lack of knowledge thereof, it would be simpler for me to buy something that has been worked out and a proven changeout.

Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.
If your 2 brush starter is working great , leave it alone. If you do need to upgrade, this is what i just did . Installed Accell High Torque field coils( pn 40115), 4 brush plate and upgraded to a Deka Glass Mat battery ETX15L

You cannot get the starter button pushed in all the way before it is running. It works incredibaly well.

The cheapest starter i could have bought would have been $400 canadian so with a new battery it would have cost just over $500

$60 field coils ( pn 40115)
$60 to install coils
$30 4 brush plate
$114 Battery

$264 total cdn.
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