P11 rear fender / mud guard and oil tank protection


Mar 28, 2023
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Per the information I've found on Access Norton, the rear fender ends close to the end of the seat leaving the oil tank and seat bottom exposed to stuff flying off the rear tire. Is there supposed to be some type of cover to protect the oil tank? My oil tank has a beautiful paint job on it and I would hate to see it messed up. Thanks, Don
The short answer is NO. However, the arch-shaped oil tank forming the partial fender isn't visible, so you may cover it with tar if you like.

Shape of fender depends on which version of the P11 you have. Here is a long thread on the subject, from page 3 onwards.

- Knut
Please post photos of what you have accomplished so far. I sure it will motivate more help on this P11.
what are the stamped numbers on your P11?
P11 - 121534

P11 rear fender / mud guard and oil tank protection
There are three styles of rear fender for the P11 series. A short alloy fender for the '67 P11 (Cheetah) which ends at the back of the single seat and leaves the seat bottom and oil tank exposed to mud and debris from the tire. An even shorter chrome steel fender for the '68 P11A which ends at the rear seat mount for the dual seat. This seat mount is a bracket brazed to the rear loop and serves as a mounting point for the front of the rear fender and the two studs at the rear of the dual seat. Again the seat bottom and oil tank are open to debris. The third fender is a chrome steel one used for the last in the series, the Ranger 750. It is the longest of the three and covers the bottom of the seat and ends at a tab brazed to the frame at the top of the oil tank.

This last fender can be used on a P11A frame with the addition of the extra frame tab above the oil tank. I don't believe it can easily be used on the P11 (Cheetah) frame because of the brazed tube (brace) at the rear of the frame on the '67.

Ranger 750 rear mudguard (not my photo).
P11 rear fender / mud guard and oil tank protection
I had a custom fender made for mine by 7 Metal West. 1/8" thick alumin(i)um, IIRC I specified a 37" radius.


  • P11 rear fender / mud guard and oil tank protection
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Thank you for all the information. My bike is a 1967 P11. Sorry for not stating that. I'm thinking of, but not definitely, applying something like dynamat on the oil tank. There is a material for rubber roofs called "BLACK EPDM Coverstrip Seam Cover Tape with Black Butyl Rubber Peel and Stick Adhesive. LionGUARD Brand, Made in USA." It is seriously sticky stuff so there are pro's and con's.