Old Commando at Bonneville 2010

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Mar 15, 2009
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I was looking at the results for the Bonneville Speed Week back in August (not the BUB event going on this week), and noticed a Commando competing.

The team name was Team Over the Hill, but I didn't recognize the bike. Looks like someone's street bike. Anyone on the list take credit for this?

He ran in the 750 MP-G (modified pushrod gas) class, and had a best speed of 116.813 mph. The current record for the class is 137.872 mph, set by a Guzzi last year. I set the record in this class back in 2001 at 123.662 mph with my featherbed racer, but the fame was short-lived. It was too easy a target to last more than a couple years. 137 mph is a pretty good speed for an un-faired 750 pushrod bike on gas at Bonneville. I think it could be beat by a 750 Norton, but it wouldn't be easy. It would take a lot of work and a good bit of cash to manage it. Still, it would be a noble effort.

The last time I ran the featherbed was at the BUB meet in 2007. Even with a partial fairing, all I could manage was 126.461 mph, but that was good enough for the class record with AMA, but it didn't last too long either. Fun though. After that, I converted it back into AHRMA racer configuration.



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