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oil til ready

Discussion in 'Norton Commando Motorcycles (Classic)' started by alan hodge, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. alan hodge

    alan hodge VIP MEMBER

    Oct 10, 2017
    gennelmens...it will be about 3 months til time to start the motor on my 72 commando project..now that the engine is in the frame..how can I get oil in it to prevent internal rust and 'pickle it' til ready for action?
    many thanks
  2. Danno


    Feb 7, 2010
    Pour oil down the open valve covers. It will run down the pushrod tubes, over the lifters and cam and into the crankcase, which you can drain later. Or hook the oil tank and lines up, put in a quart or so an roll it over until the pump fills the crank and the rocker feed. Repeat.
  3. 850commando


    Nov 1, 2014
    you did use assembly lube; right?
  4. robs ss

    robs ss VIP MEMBER

    Aug 16, 2016
    As well as using assembly lube on plain bearings/journals, etc I have had success using a product called ACF50.
    It is a wicking anti-corrosive fluid which I wipe onto exposed surfaces (crankshaft - other than journals, rod caps, rockers, springs, etc).
    It keeps rust at bay and does not adversely affect oil quality when it comes time for start up.
    It's also great for electrical connections - stops Mr Lucas' patented green death.
    BTW don't waste your money on pressure pack versions - it's cheaper and easier to use in the bottle version.
  5. Tornado

    Tornado VIP MEMBER

    Dec 5, 2017
    ACF50 is also used quite commonly for foul weather riding protection of the whole bike. Commuters friend. Mist it on all over bike save for brake surfaces and tires at beginning of rainy season. Repeat as needed through the wet season. Can be removed with decent bike washer solutions, mild degreases etc when ready for concourse.