Oil filter leaks

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Jan 10, 2006

As the workshop manual says I've put a new oil filter when I've got the oil changed. I've installed it handtight and then secured with the retaining strip. I oiled a little the sealing ring. I started the bike and it leaked a little after a ride, but the next day there was a little more oil which wouldn't have leaked before the filter change. I've used a wrench to tight it a little, but doesn't decrease... The filter is the same as the one I had before on the bike...

Any ideas? :?
Check that the leak is actually coming from the filter joint.

Someone else here had the same problem not very long ago which turned out to be a split oil pipe, any oil leakage from a split or leaking pipe joint in that area will run down and drip off the filter giving the impression that the filter joint is leaking.
Hi sparkplug,
You could try tightening it a bit more, i have tightened mine up quite firmly and not a drop anywhere, there's not really a lot can go wrong unless the seal face is dirty or damaged it should be allright.

Check the inlet/outlet pipes in the filter head are not coming loose, heard of that happening.
Oil Filter Lead

Sparkplug, approx a year ago I changed the oil and filter and after refitting it I experienced a leak. While I had the oil filter off, I refitted some oil lines and in doing so ,the innter Left oil line (looking from the back of the bike forward) had a small crack in the oil line that I could not see when installed. I kept thinking I had the wrong filter, bad filter base to name a few. After some pain I finally found it to be a cracked oil line that would only leak naturally once the bike was started. Felt like a fool for something so small. I did get a lot of good input from the many Gentlemen on this formum. Good luck with the trouble shooting. semper fi devildog
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