Norfolk weather

May 3, 2008
Hey L.A.B, What have you done to the weather this week? I was coming up to darkest Hunstanton for the Norton day and looks like a sailing boat might be a better option for the trip.
i will try and squelch up through the Thetford Forest and splash my way past Norwich, but may be on the foreign bike instead (the Guzzi) as my rusty steed embarrassed me on the way home from the Spanish trip and I haven't had time to get it put right yet.

Are you going, perhaps in a canoe or have you inflated your Commando's tyres for more bouyancy?

See you there.

mcmarvelous said:
See you there.

I wouldn't put money on that if I were you (as I sit here typing this with a thunderstorm going on outside!)
And here I sit, on Friday the 13th just after 9 am with clear blue skies, bright sunshine, 61F already and estimated to make about 72. Humidity is around 30%. It's going to get really hot (maybe as high as 80F here in Anacortes) over the weekend.
Thanks Frank, it's still raining here and I put the heating on for a while this afternoon!