New one to me, Horex

Aug 26, 2010
Whoever did all those exhausts deserves a medal !?

It doesn't actually take a very fast (quick) bike to beat a car.
Thats what sold a lot of bikes over the years...
Jun 6, 2003
If you have a NSU TT (car) you can use the car engine and the Horex gearbox to build a Munch Mammoth!!!
Jul 24, 2006
Country flag
When I was touring Germany in 2012 on my T160, my wife and I stopped at a town in mid Germany whose name I forget, and just down the road were these two Horex motorcycles and a BMW. I went to look at them before walking back to my wife who'd waited at our bike, and whilst walking back to my bike, I passed three elderly Germans with biking gear sitting at an outdoor café nearby who beckoned me over (the bikes were theirs) and invited me and my wife to join them for a meal/snack......which we did. Two of them spoke fairly good English (which was good as my German is nearly non-exsistant) and we spent a very enjoyable half hour with them before they left to continue their annual get together.

I'd never heard of Horex until then, but it just goes to show how old bikes can be such an excellent common denominator.