New Dreer Norton........there's hope still..........

Jun 13, 2008
This may cause some to sigh, and say, .....again??? But I'm brand new to the forum and actually don't even have a Norton, I ride a Hot Rod Buell. Well in all fairness I intend to get a 73 Norton soon if all the planets allign, as it were. Well heres the question: I recall reading on the Net, during a surfing episode that Dreer had lost on rebirthing the New Commando, and I had read that an Asian Guy from ? San Diego ? had proposed to buy or did buy the remaining Nortons and rights, and company from Dreer............ had any of you seen anything of this nature on the net or in magazines? The Asian guy was going to build the bikes in silicon valley???? ............ I just can't remember the details fully. And I cant say for sure that it was going to be silicon valley, but that rings a bell in my 56 year old brain. Come on.........someones surely heard something. I try to keep up with the New Norton and also the Excelsior Henderson of justa couple years back, all the reemerging marque's of old. I also wonder if the BSA will come Back, they were touting a parralell twin of 500 cc.s that was suposed to be around now for release. Benelli's back, and with all the interest in Vincent, there seems to be something going on more than the RC51 motored bike of only a couple years ago. Woudn't it be cool to see a Brough Superior reborn!!! Any way hope someone knows about the New Norton. Rich