New 50 year old race project


Jan 21, 2008
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Hi all
Im picking up a new "old" race project in a couple of weeks. As usual Commando based & I am thrilled with what I have been offered. I will post some photos when I collect it in a couple of weeks.
I wonder who knows what it might be!
You’ve got me on tenterhooks Chris!

Glad you’ve bought a new project though… cos you’ve clearly got nowt else to do with your time eh ?!?
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I know Nige, especially as I've committed to the Road North! Just means I've got to shift a few of my unused race bikes & clear a lot of bits. However "this I could not turn down" Cant wait to collect it at Kempton Park next week.
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Ive been asked whats the bike/project your buying?
Well I have paid for it up front but want it in my possession before I say anything much about it. I am getting the frame & the original tank, seat & fairing!
But I'm also getting a 5 speed Quaife thats been rebuilt & a 750 race engine spec unknown. Plus other parts!
Originally raced by a very famous rider who also competed at the TT. I am stoked to be offered it. Also for what I consider a very fair price.
I will give out more clues next week, once ive collected it all. Maybe a few snap shots of obscure parts or angles lol.
Mind you we could do a sweepstake & take a guess on what you think it is.
Wow longtime a monocoque! That would be the dogs bollocks!
Well out of my league.
The rider of the project im getting did get to ride for the Works Norton Team though.
When are you going to put us out of our misery ????????:confused::D
John that would be fantastic. Even better have you got any decent photographs or articles?
The builder of the frame says he has a photo of it as built! Ie no paint.
Everything I have found is at a distance.
All the best Chris
Hi Chris

Just decided to go to Kempton tomorrow.

If you need help with lifting your new toy into your van, happy to help

What time are you planning to be there ?