Neville manxman

yes thats the dynamo. On my bike i am changing that to a lucas competition magneto, so electricity comes from battery without charging from dynamo. I think its called total loss system(?) My bike too got a kickstart, i dont think bumpstarting it in street use is that much fun :) anyone else got a manx on the public road??
Hello, i am thomas from austria and new to the forum. I own a neville manxman, looks like a 500 ohc manx. It is road registered but currently i am rebuilding it.
I would like to get in touch with other manxman owners for some tech talk, informations, tips,tricks and so on. Somebody got such a bike?
Thanks and greetings from austria!
There is a reason why a Manx rev counter (and Victor Special speedos) are rubber mounted. Thumpers vibrate.
Must be difficult to ride a Manx in urban traffic. High first and little low end torque. Much clutch slip needed.
Always had to bump start the Gold Star. Not difficult. Not enough weight to kick start it.
Don't think a Manx makes you a better rider. But you can go faster on a featherbed with limited skill.
I finished the manxman in august and visited the black shadow mc meeting in switzerland. Great event.
Its fun to ride, but i have to get used to the ridingposition. My first bike with clipons.... the engine is sohc and got 85x88mm bore/stroke, like bsa goldstar. Dont get below 3200 rpm for power. The gearbox is commando with kickstart. I dont think it has close ratios.
Thats it in switzerland...

Neville manxman
several Neville Evans bikes have come up for sale in the last 5 years in UK. Usually asking about £20k. Looks like they don’t get ridden much!
Might not look cheap, but def cheaper than a chiropractor…

Might not look cheap, but def cheaper than a chiropractor…

Takes me back
You don't often see apehangers these days 👍