Mystery Swingarm

Dec 13, 2005
I am doing a ground up restoration and upgrade for a 1974 850 Commando. I am adding an electric start to the bike and in so doing I have an aftermarket cradle that will replace the stock cradle. The stock cradle looks worn so I am trying to determine the proper clearance of the cradle and the swingarm. The question I have concerns the clearance and tolerances of the swingarm bearing bushes and the engine cradle. Does anyone know what the factory clearance is between the inside faces of the swingarm bearing bushes and the engine cradle? I have looked in all my manuals with no luck and I have asked around town with no luck. So far I have already been told to make it tight but I figure that there must be some factory specification that has some how eluded me. Any help is appreciated.
Dec 19, 2004
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swingarm pin info

Hi Joe,
Try checking with Bruce Chessell of he offers standard or oversize custom stainless pins.