Model 7

Jan 2, 2009
I recently purchased a 1950 model 7 Norton partly restored and also incomplete the previous owner has been building it up from parts and as a result does not have matching numbers . This does not bother me the hardest things to get i need are front and rear mudguards. Does anyone know of any or are repros available ?

Since no one has answered I am sure you get British classic bike magazines over there. I have not seen reproductions for your model but there are a number that are pretty close.
I think I'd try putting an ad in Classic Bike Guide first and see if anyone had some surplus originals to sell you.
Thanks for the reply The guards are the same as for the es2 of the same era. They used the same cycle parts
Wow LAB,

That looks like a great source. I'll be bookmarking them.
Keep us posted with your progress mate.

1951 Model 7 here........

Model 7

Good luck with it


don't know whether you keep an eye on the Made In England list on yahoo groups but Graeme Howarth who used to pop up on there from time to time has his and hers Model 7's in the garage, and at one stage started up a separate list or group or forum or something for Model 7 owners. Don't know if its still going but if you trawl through the MIE archives you might find a contact.
Thanks for your replies. Have got onto the Model 7 forum and waiting for approval. Thats a nice looking Model 7 Damo the fuel tanks are a beautiful shape and the utube post shows me what the other hole in the tank is for a oil pressure guage . I have a 1950 es2 which I can look at. The Model 7 seems to have a larger oil tank.
woolly goat
Yo Lads

am looking for a new set of headers and mufflers......
any clues ?

something like these :D

Model 7