Koni shock rebuild?

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Apr 15, 2004
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My 850 project bike came with a set of vintage Koni shocks. They would need a rebuild if I wanted to use them. Is there anyone left in the USA who still does that? And has parts? I'll probably just buy a new set of Hagons, but it would be nice to use these if they could be rebuilt.

just wondering,

Perhaps norbsa or others have had experience rebuilding Konis. Failing response from the forum, you can contact Koni North America direct with your shock questions.

I'm going through the same thing at the moment. Model 76-1373's, right? The best source I've come up with so far is Ikon Suspension - Koni no longer supports motorcycle suspension, at least as far as i know. The Ikon shocks that are based off of the original Koni 76's are similar enough that most of the seals and rubber bits are interchangable, but if you also need to replace hard parts that's where the compatibility starts to break down.
They were only in Australia for a while, but apparently they now have a US distributor: http://www.ikonsuspensionusa.com/servlet/StoreFront
Of course i have yet to get my hands on a peg spanner to actually get the things apart so this is all going off of what the suppliers are telling me at this point...
Scheffy.G said:
I'm going through the same thing at the moment. Model 76-1373's, right?

These are marked "76F 1284" and also "9-74", which I assume is a date code. They do appear to be rebuildable, if a suitable pin spanner was available for the top cap and if parts are available. There is some pitting on the shafts though, so perhaps they're only suitable for the ebay bargain bin.

Somebody had posted this link before about some guy's Koni rebuild for his Guzzi: http://www.thisoldtractor.com/gtbender/loopframe_shocks.htm#koni___ikon_rear_shock_rebuild
Could probably use this as a general guide, I'm guessing all these old ones were similar enough. He also mentions using a bicycle spanner to get the top cap off. I'm going to take mine to a local bike shop tomorrow to see if one of theirs would work. By tomorrow night I may finally have a fully disassembled Koni to show you. And to think, the oil in there probably hasn't seen the light of day for 30+ years...
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