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Am I right in thinking that on a MK2 the kill button does not ground the ignition (closed circuit) but switch off the juice to the ignition (open circuit)? Meaning that if I put a Japanese bike control, I will have to be the opposite way that my new kill button will say, i.e ignition off= on and vice versa?
Thank you
You are correct that all Norton's with coil and point ignition use a normally closed switch as a kill button. Pushing the button opens the circuit. I don't know about Japanese switchgear, but any coil and point ignition probably will work the same way. Test the switch before you install it. Grounding the ignition circuit will usually result in a blown fuse (or worse!).

This is a common mistake for those restoring early Fastbacks and 'S' models. The new reproduction Wipac switch with the RED button is called a Tricon. It grounds the contact to the handlebar (great for magneto or horn). The correct switch with the GREEN button (called a Triconsul) is a normally closed, push to open.

Ron L.
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