Kick Start Lever won't Return

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Mar 1, 2010
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My kickstart lever is working fine. It feels springy while upright and before kicking. It will snap back after being moved a few inches back to where it starts to catch. After kicking it started, usually on the first kick, it stays down, and I have to help ip back up. It was working fine all along. Does this happen to anyone?
Not normal, something is binding and/or the layshaft bearing is on its way out, do you know if the layshaft bearing has been upgraded from ball to roller.
Ugh, kicker staying down caught me out away from home once.
Imagined the worse so opened covers but didn't find
a fault and the kicker worked fine when put back >>>
I put the foot peg support back on to find that's what was
snagging the return. A bit of bending solved kicker sticking.
I've gone down on RH side prior but it took a while to hang up.

Hope that's all, other wise suspect galling in the lay shaft
bush or hang up in the ratchet mechanism.
Ratchet is is easy to fix but the lay shaft bush is a bugger
to get out by a number of fettering methods.

Do keep in mind the 1st gear bush is the thinnest
and wears out loose the fastest and may screw with
kicker action and shifts.

If you need to do the gear box both Swooshdave and DogT have excellent posts w/ pics on the subject.
Not open for further replies.