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kaw kz750 twin dohc electric start in a commando frame

Discussion in 'Other Norton Motorcycles' started by 84ok, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. 84ok


    Aug 10, 2014
    awhile ago, started a thread - 'diff engines commando frame', turns out there have been a few including, yam xs650 twin, early honda cb750-4 (mighta been fb frame), triumph trident..

    so, have some bits now to check out the possible kz750 twin engine in a commando frame,

    along the way heard/found out about balance factor & isolastics intended/designed to work with the commando engine setup

    assuming the kz750 360deg crank counterbalanced engine can be fitted even, some concerns that come to mind is there room to remove the top valve cover for valve adjust, also room for in frame head/barrel removal

    or before i go any further with possible fitting, haven't a clue if the stock kaw engine is workable with the isolastics?

    have read that isolastic adjustments for the stock setup are not only critical for engine smoothness, but can also end up cracking frames,

    the kaw (76-84) is also 5 speed, some were rear wheel belt drive
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