JPN ‘delivery miles only’

Mar 7, 2020
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The older I get, the less I care for: 'originality', more so given it's price premium. I'm not talking replica Lambo/Porsche/Ferraris on VW floor pans here, but a lot of Brit 'collectables' are just: 'variations on a theme'. As noted, here we have a Mk2a with a black exhaust and fibreglass appointments. I'd be happy with a copy, as long as it's sold and recognized as such.. Plenty of Commando PRs out there too started as roadsters, and a few more Triumph X75s and 'Hi-pipe' P11s than the factories ever produced. Just don't lie in a bid to make more money..
A bit like dogs... In my arrogant, naive and impressionable days of youth, a 'pedigree' certificate was mandatory.... Now it's 'rescue' all the way....