Isolastic guantum indeterminacy orbitals

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Oct 19, 2005
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I've measured the motion at all 3 points and find that
its example of quantum in-determinacy entanglement
in the macro world existing in more than one mode at once.
This helped me configure Peel's tri- linkage iso stabilization
with some on purpose compliance at front and top links
but solid robust Patton style down low far away from rear isolastic.

Basic motor motion - w/o road loads > 66% up/dn - 33% fro/aft at front.
Rear iso is a pure pivot with front iso bouncing up/dn ~1/16"
either side of its rest position at static & steady engine speed.

On blip ups, front motion is mostly a jump up and slightly back
by another ~1/16" for ~3/16" total off rest position u/d, and
~1/16" fro/aft total.
Rear iso also slightly moves on blip ups ~1/32" fro/aft from rest

With road loads and tire thrust over lain on pure
engine oscillation, I see additional fro/aft front and rear iso
motion by another ~1/16". Seen by smeared oil grit/grime.

The witness marks left by entangling all the loads shows
an over all egg shape at front with the slightest bit of
bend into an arch > convex forward.
The top steady shows about half the size motion ~1/8"
total with most to the trace as fro/aft arc.
[Late Gerry Bristow gave me his flat plate steady with marks]

The rear iso trace shows mostly circular 1/16" OD orbit slightly
smeared more in fro/aft direction than up/dn.

The front iso traces out what looks like the classic
planetary atom symbol or planet Saturn/egg with two sets
of rings,
- a vertical egg ~3/16" with two rims standing proud of the
egg shell, vertical rim more prominent than equator rim.
Here's photo trace that's hard to do with marker
and bike vibrating and only two hands to work
throttle holding clamped pencil still. Someone do it better please.
[Tag URL to enlarge detail] ... pYV_fs.jpg

Isolastic guantum indeterminacy orbitals

Going by above I've ordered new crank with 77% balance factor for
a 920cc. My reasoning is since most motion is at front up/dn
and solid mount racers move BF way up, I'd want ~1/3 more
fro/aft oscillation to round out orbital better for the
round isolastics and allow rear iso to share more loads.
I'll adjust head spring going by feel and tracing view.

Tricky to predict because designers kept cutting rubber
area by half and by half again and again till iso's isolated
@ ~2300 rpm. If more rubber area is contacted or more
od added with a 3rd or 4th isolastic, guess what you'l always
feel no matter the finely done install.

My current opinion is Norton made good compromise
by spending on least crank mass that iso's could just tolerate.

Yes Sir Swoosherdave.
I paid Jim Schimdt to send his special 10.5 CR 920 size pistons kit
to Ken Canaga to fit into Peel.

Being mostly a Norton and a special to boot nothing goes as planned.
Had new crank BF'd to 77% for Cosworth pisions and factory
shot peened rods, but they gave too hi CR for blower boost
and I became scared of the 40 yr old rods.

BF rose in upper 80's with Jim's lightness kit, but then crank was
found too bent to use, so new crank in works backed
down to 77 BF. I chose off the iso traces and more flywheel
effect on slick slopes for taming light throttle response.

Looked at your nice Combat project but not heart enough
to read all the surprise let downs and unsolved issues
that strike soo close to my own learning traumas.
Your data is something that would make good reference material for someone wanting to know the amount of motion experienced at different points in the isolastics Steve. Maybe ya aught to edit that post with some keywords that might show up in a search here. I don't think many searchers will think to use "guantum" in the search engine :roll:

Will Trixie or Ms. Peel be ridden this season?
Hobot, going from my suspect memory, didn't you post a few years back that you were going with ATF in the gearbox?

If so, still running it?
Ok Maylar, I'll re-post subject as isolastic motion measures + photo.

Trixie has been completely gone though, deer destroyed front
and RH side and my neck and couple major joints 3 wks after
rescuing from river front shop before Katrina hit New Orleans.
Took a season to source and go though everything but the smooth engine.
Then a couple months later, oil slot Combat proud piston rubbing on
extruding Al head came apart to seize. Replace over rev'd Peels
pistons and barrel - it lasted a few more weeks, even out of state
couple hours trip though the deer filled night, then
apparently a re-used rod bolt let go and took out TS crank,
cracked barrel and tore TS rod apart and rolled the steel
cap up like chewing gum to punch out TS case, while going
50ish about coasting looking at fields of yellow flowers
to take a picture of her paint job camouflaged perfectly,
>>> tinkle-tinkle-locked SKIDDING, clutched and rolled
to good retrival spot.

Have everything on hand so one week end soon
Trixie will be resurrected for summer on use.

Highdesert I used AFT in Ms Peels tranny and chain primary
before a dry sealed belt drive installed. Worked a treat
and I checked first to find its old accepted practice
long before I tried it. I'll use the best thinest gear oil
that Redline or such sells in next issue of Ms Peel.

Put in 3 sleeve gear bushes and best to fix them
all in a row. More support less clutch wobble to none.

Only racers with race built engines would press rpms
and loads like I did Peel because her rod'dness invited it.
Do you know that a good Combat can out leap moderns
in sprints up to 90 or so because they start clawing
the air and back off while Commando just luges ahead.
About 100 mph Norton torque loses out to pure horse
power. I've a plan to solve that factory oversight too.

I'll stick to standard good brand of off the shelf gear oil for
Trixie as she's only to use sanely to preserve her sweetness
of girl next door. So not spinning up fast or long below 4th.

Peel is the expensive slut I want to whip in bondage till I can't
take it no more.

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