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Aug 4, 2009
I have just put some aftermarket flashers on the Commando, 21 watt Halagens. The Lucas flasher unit either won't flash or, if I,m lucky, it will flash very slowly. So, considering my fustration, I bought a unit from Halfords. Works better, maybe a bit on the slow side. Anyway, while pulling the terminals back off, it fell apart in my hand & won't work no more.
What is the best flasher to get?
I find wiring a curse, & the rate I am going, could finish it in about July :lol:
Flo said:
What is the best flasher to get?

I fitted all three of my British bikes with one of these units: http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/165 and all three have worked perfectly since installation. [Edit] I've noticed this unit is now apparently made by 'NAGARES'(?), whereas my three units purchased from this company were made by DURITE.

Note that although it is a three pin relay, it can be used as a replacement for the standard two pin flasher unit (in which case the relay R terminal is not connected). It is somewhat larger than the original Lucas flasher unit, however.

http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/f ... iagram.jpg
Thanks, nearly ordered it. Saturday, I decided to see if my local friendly (funny bugger really, but a good laugh) bike shop could help before I ordered it. "Hmm, 2pin? See if I can find one". "You can try this one, that'll be 8 quid". Took it home, tried it & voila!, it works perfectly. It has a rubber mounting, so I made a bracket up.
Missus is happy as she hates doing hand signals for me.
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