Finnished another A65

Apr 7, 2004
Just delivered this one to it's owner.
Finnished another A65

Finnished another A65

Finnished another A65
Wow, sharp!

Very spiffy. I need to paint my Royal star in blue like it ought to be.
PS, with your kind permission, that second photo is gonna be my computer screen background this week...sweet bike!
Lovely job Norbsa, it is the detail that makes or breaks a restoration and from the photos it looks like all of the decals, pinstriping etc are spot on. I think these bikes are rather under-rated but I personally like the look, particularly of the engine, which looks like it was designed as a cohesive whole by one designer rather than a committee. There is a chap in the classic bike club in HK who has had his A65 since new it's in original condition and he is rightfully very proud of it. Plenty of these were sold in this part of the world, although they are now quite rare here.
Thanks for your comments Dave,
This one has all the stops pulled out. Lots of hidden mods not noticed by the non BSA people.As an an example note the fit on the front fender , check that against some other A-65's photos. All the kits I do are on this bike. It's a shame we lost the K-70 repo tires wish I had bought more of them.
Very nice Greg. I must confess I didn't notice the front fender fit til you mentioned it, but I have shaken my head in the past at the amount of space between the tire and fender on stock BSAs, so it's a real nice change.

Wish this economy would pick up so I could dream a bit more seriously about actually buying one....
Hi Norbsa
you did a fantastic work on this BSA.
i imagine the owner must be crasy about it
Yes he likes it, rides it. Got this one running for him as well. See if you can detect all the mods used to be a 1958 6T. The 750 kit makes the front brake a needed thing.
Finnished another A65
Conical front brake, magura style hand levers, aftermarket hadlight mounts, ducon (tricon?) electrical switch, concentric carbs, seems to be all I can spot that's non-stock...
Heads a nine bolt, 750 MORGO jugs. I Hand made fender mount to the 71 and on sliders BSA gator with adapters I make, maybe an Ariel postal front fender? Gas tanks off a later bike seats a re-pro signed by Henry Winkler (the Fonz) rear fender mods are not mine thank God. Tons of chrome DPO. Hand made Nylon lined brake and clutch cables..AGM battery, POD VR,Added ground wires, Sleeved carbs, strobe timed in the distributor with NOS stator and field coil, X-ring chain primary drive (428) Hi tech clutch plates. My rule is it must do a wheel stand or it is not worth doing.
Yes he came over today after a short ride with someone following him he didn't know. Just a fan, I almost had to tell him get used to it. He will find out himself, that never happens to him on any HD.
Ha! Tell me about it Greg. I can ride my HD with my wife on her HINCKLEY Triumph and folks don't even see me, but will come over to her and start up conversations (granted, she's a lot better looking than me...).

First question, generally: "What year bike is that?" (It's an 07, but to the uninitiated could pass for something from the 60s.)

I have to ride my Norton out of sheer ego self-defense. (Hasn't improved my looks though, so they still head straight for her....) Sheesh.