FCR35 flat slide carbs for Commando SOLD

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Aug 16, 2016
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Another change I made with these cars is to disable the pumper.
When removing them I noticed how much fuel squirted into the inlet tracts if the throttle was opened (manually) and thought "I wonder if I need all that fuel?"
So, took the pumper apart and made a shorter actuating rod from ss wire - so when back together with rubber boot you can't see that it's not squirting.
Carried the original rod & tools with me for a while - just in case. Not needed. No difference in performance - even twisting to WOT suddenly at a variety of revs/loads.
Another bonus is I know, when parked, anyone turning my twist grip will not me washing my bores with fuel.
Apr 22, 2020
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Cool... different strokes.

Here's my stroke:

My motor would fall on it's face opening up the throttle quickly, and be very difficult to start cold without the accelerator pump on the 35mm FCR carburetors the way it is currently tuned. The accelerator pump is needed on my motor because I have very little vacuum the way my PCV breather plumbing is set up, and the intake tract is much closer to level up to the manifolds. It is hard to get fuel in the combustion chambers after the bike has been sitting over night and the motor is cold by just kicking it over. (No electric start) The combustion chambers and intake tract are bone dry after sitting for a while.

I'm not a worrier with regard to washing cylinders for any type of engine. It takes a lot of fuel to wash the cylinders. I've yet to ruin an engine using more accelerator pump intelligently. I would not disable the accelerator pump on my Norton. It makes a difference in my case.

SOLD shoulda been the end of this thread. Excuse my flying off the rails yet again.
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