Fastback seat re-cover kit??

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Jul 24, 2005
I was curious if anyone knows where to get a re-cover kit for a 72 fastback seat? It seems they make a re-cover for every seat except the fastback. If there is no kit available, could a local upholstery shop recover the seat possibly? A new fastback seat is nearly $230, and all mine needs is to be recovered. Thanks
A good upholstery shop should be able to make a new cover using the old one as a pattern. There is nothing fancy about them.

The only one I know offering a quality seat cover is RK Leighton in the UK broken link removed
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Thanks for the quick reply. Since I'm in the US, I think shipping may be a bit costly, but nonetheless I emailed them to ask about pricing. If they are too steep, I know a few upholstery shops that can do it for me.
Thanks again
Walridge Motors ( Canada ) has one listed in their catalogue . They list it as
P/N 06-0501C.

One thing you might want to confirm with Mike is that the new cover fits the old foam. I just got caught with the same problem on my 75 MKlll. Seem's like the new covers are made to match the foam that the supplier provides ( seperately of course ) . Mine should be in soon and i will let you know how the quality is when it arrives.
I got mine from Andover, I believe it is a Leighton. Can't vouch for fit as I fabricated the kneepads from the cover as DPO cut them off. The back fit fine.
One trick for fitting vinyl is to warm it gently with a heat gun.

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