Dommi Racer verses Commando engined bike

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Jan 21, 2008
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As most of you know I race a Commando engined bike. However I have built & run a Dommi 500 in a Dave Degens Daytona frame. This is his race frame in 1inch tube. Cant describe how much noise it makes, how it lunges off the line & yet is so slow! I find the 750 & bigger bikes so much nicer to ride.
Again I am lending out some of my bikes for next season. This bike is going to go to a 16/17 year old lad to who is going to start his racing career off by parading with the CRMCC. I dont intend doing anything to the bike this season but would like some advice on getting the 500 motor to go?
I might add without throwing pots of money at it.
all the best Chris
Chris, If you go over to, then go see the competition section, than find a thread called Bert Munro Meeting South Island New , the author is Johm he build a very fast 500. A search using his name as author will bring up many posts were he details what he has done to the bike.
Thanks Norbsa

I reactivated my details & found Johns posts.
A nice evenings reading!
Posted a question. I will let you know what comes back.
Thanks once again Chris
On page 5 of that forum top of the page see this :" Racing Triumph cam timing" Johnm post is amazing. As I said do a search using author and you will read longer yet.
Hi Chris, Johnm answered your post over on the britbike board. You have much work to do. :shock:
Ha Thanks Norbsa

A little work never hurt anyone! Its the money thats spent that hurts! Thats why I thought I would ask now as it gives me time to swap/deal etc.
Something like the crank will happen if one comes along at the right money or not at all.
I will post a photo of the bike as it is. I only rode it once before I lent it out. It is a bit small for my build??
Thanks for your help.
all the best Chris
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