Sep 5, 2021
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Undecided which motor to build up for my wideline fbed cafe project.
Atlas or Commando and what are the diferences between the two motors,
in example,crank and rods,engine cases,etc.
Is the Commando motor a preferred choice?
Is the Commando a stronger runner and which year motor is a better choice and why?
Do you currently have either engines or will this be from scratch so to speak. I prefer the fwd lean of a commando engine in a featherbed frame. the crank would need to be balanced for a solid mount or rigidly mounted motor. cj
There is a significant difference in balance factor between the two. Not that the Commando engine can't be rebalanced but it's some extra trouble. If performance issues are a concern you can acquire a 6-start oil pump gear that will boost the oil flow. I don't remember if that requires a matching pump. A Commando head can be fitted along with the rocker feed pipes. As dished pistons are NLA so far as I know you'll end up with 9:1 CR. It's also worthwhile fo fit a commando oil filter.

I have run such a setup for many years with stock exhausts and 30mm concentrics and a factory domi air filter. The primary and clutch have held up just fine despite much thrashing on mountain roads.