California goof? 72 MK3? +more

Says "750", clearly an 850
Says "aluminum wheels", clearly chromed steel

What else?
I bought a Matchless G15 from Roland. Not a smoking deal, but still a fair one. The bike ran and was as described. BUT and it could be a big one. He is in Santa Rosa. A bit east of where the ad states. While picking up the bike and riding it, he gave me a tour of his property and the bikes he has. I believe he makes a living buying, getting running and selling. If the ad is a scam posted by someone else, I tend to think so also.
Well, I sent an email asking to look at it, trying to flush out a scammer. Guess I was bored.
He responded with an address in the Bay Area and signed it Roli..
Sounds legit, or something is. I'm not in the Bay area. Might be worth to pursue for someone...
Roland is well known here in Northern California swapmeets. Good guy….from Switzerland. Likely the ad got the wrong photos attached. He does have a ‘72 Interstate for sale I saw at the Dixon AMCA meet. Call him the number is in the ad. His machines are not always numbers matching, so know what you’re talking about.