Avon tyres

I've bought a rear Roadrider ready to fit next year when the one I have on at the moment wears out but I'm not averse to switching to Bridgestones when the pair wear out.
So Goodyear own Avon and Dunlop now, I didn't know that until last week when I dropped into a tyre shop.
Anyone have an update or a rumor on the status of Avon tires. I ordered a set for my triumph, was sent a rear and then received a notification that the 3.25 x 19 that I ordered for a front would be backordered. That was in November, still no word, and my two emails to Avon off the website have gone unanswered.

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Avon tyres
And… factory closure…!

I just bought a pair of 17” 150 front and 200 rear and was very pleasantly surprised with the price.

Guess it’s just luck of the draw.
It's a savvy Rocket Captain that stockpiles tires. 😎🤣