A65 teardown

Moving on to the cylinder head now, valve guide bores mic'd up at .504 but were not concentric so I cleaned and opened them up to .506. I'll be ordering C630 guides from KPMI this week, along with valves and springs.

Kitchen table valve guide install.

Another one to file under: "Sh*t I couldn't do if I was still married"

got to honing the guides today, shot for .001 IN - .0015 EX, guide hone comes in very handy

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Tank and seat combo. Overall happy with the tank (Royal Choppers.. thanks for the recommendation Kommando!), will pressure test of course

Fit, as expected, is a tad "off", I will have to fabricate a new mounting system, planning on using cylindrical isolation mounts for the new front bracket I'll have to design. Seat will require additional glass work, as looks like it was shaped with a roughing rasp

A65 teardown
A65 teardown
Snagged Britcycle's last Hayward A65 belt kit, performed the sealed bearing conversion which has been running great on my T140

A65 teardown
A65 teardown
Spent the whole summer building a new workshop, so it's been some time since I've had time to look at the BSA project, but finally got around to finishing up the head. New seats have been installed, and with them the KMPI lightweight spring kit fitted at the correct spring height and pressure. New 32mm premiers, I chamfered the heat spacer to provide a nice transition down to the intake ports. Next on to modifying the case for breathing,, will be plugging the rear crank vent near the sprocket and coming up with another solution.

Doug's funeral is tomorrow, so I'm happy I got this all done in time


New workshop