'74 Rear Drum Felt Retainer Washer Removal

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Feb 17, 2009
HI all,

I'm sure this has been covered before but I couldn't find it in a search.
I am trying to remove the bearing and stub axle and stuff from the rear brake drum of my '74 Commando.
I can not get the felt retainer washer out ... nothing to grab on to and can't fit a prying device in there.
What is the secret?
I can spin it with a punch but can't get it to budge in the out direction.

Thanks in advance.
If it's that tuff, it's probably not worth saving. They are fairly cheep so don't try to save it. Go ahead and catch with a hammer and chisel. It will loosen. Just don't beat up the ID too bad. Pt # 063012 $3.72
Thanks for the suggestion.

I can spin it in the hub I just can't grab it to pull it out.
I'm getting close to welding something to it so I can grab on to it.

Do they normally just "fall" out ?

I've spent a lot of time in GR. Used to work for Rapistan/Siemens/Dematic..
Plymouth and Michigan.

These retainers can just fall out. I have reshaped them with a hammer so they would stay after removal. Maybe pop it from the side to warp and wedge it out. I will come.
Thanks for the suggestions. I got it out.
Once I realized destructive removal was OK it was easy.
I cut a small "V" in the inside diameter of the washer with a chisel. That allowed me to get enough leverage to pry it out with a skinny screwdriver ... really simple.
After removal I flattened the washer with a hammer and it's good as new.

Thanks for the help.
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