'73 850 coming back together after 20+? years

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Jan 27, 2008
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I haven't really posted since joining this forum back in January. I've looked at postings from time to time, but thought I'd share a couple of pics of my 850.
'73 850 coming back together after 20+? years

Above is the night I brought the bike home. Below is the state of the bike as of two weeks ago.

'73 850 coming back together after 20+? years

I've been working on it pretty regularly, and am lucky enough to have a guy about 15 miles away who has everything I may need, in stock, and usually has at least four Nortons in his shop for me to compare proper assembly and routing of bits. Aside from sending out my speedo for a bezel replacement and the head for new exhaust threads to be welded in, I've done everything myself.

Since the last pic, I've installed the oil tank, lines and filter, and rebuilt and installed the transmission with a new front sprocket (21t) and 530 chain. Gears all looked good, but I replaced the bearings, seal, and o-rings.

I hope I have the picture-posting thing right. first time.
Thanks, but I can't take credit for them. The previous owner bought the bike stand and engine spacer, and made the engine stand. He also had the frame and triple clamps powder-coated, and bought new isolastic mounts (MkIII-style) and engine cradle. The guy two owners ago bought a new seat cover, balanced pipes and fender stays.
Even with this start, I've gotten scores of parts, trying not to blow the budget. Wheels, for example: I didn't replace the rims, though there's some minor pitting, but did replace the bearings, spokes, tubes and tires. Front brake needed everything - pads, pistons, seals, line, line clip, m/c piston, seals, and a good used cap.

Most of the galvanized pieces have been cleaned up and re-plated with one of those home galvanizing kits.

Left to do:
1) Repaint the tank and side covers - sometime in the next few weeks. Bike is going back to its original red, and I'm going with gold lettering.
2) Assemble the engine - everything is ready, except for lapping in the valves. Decided to put everything else on the bike first, so I'll have a clean bench.
3) Rebuild the carbs. I've got the kits, and the carbs look to be in good shape.
4) Assemble the primary drive. Working on polishing the case now. Had to get a good used stator, as the wires on the old one were cut clean, flush with the unit ($50).
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