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Wheel Rim Identification

Norton Models (not Commando or P11)

Wheel Rim Identification

Postby Possum » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:50 pm

I have just stripped out a pair of wheels from a fairly original looking Model 7 barn find.

On the rim I expected to find the usual stamping, 'TRADE _DUNLOP _MARK _MADE IN ENGLAND' on one side and 'WM2' on the opposite side.

These rims have 'F 957' tramped on the front rim and 'R 957' on the rear rim. They are both WM2 x 19" size rims. The rims have been chromed with grey centres and a red pin stripe.

Does anybody know the manufacturer of these rims & what the '957' refers to?

Cheers, Possum

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Re: Wheel Rim Identification

Postby Rohan » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:38 am

The front wheel of a (plunger frame) Model 7 was 21" and a WM1,
so it would seem someone has been in there before you.
Or is this a swingarm bike ?

No idea on the maker though. Most of the rims I've seen have a makers name on them -
Dunlop, Jones, Raedelli etc.
At some point, Dunlop started numbering rims, but the numbers weren't that high, and were prefixed with MC.
Sorry not much help....

Got a pic of this barn find ?

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