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Technical Information & How To Post Photos

Classic Norton Commando Motorcycles.

Technical Information & How To Post Photos

Postby L.A.B. » Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:05 am


"Tuning the Norton Twin"
http://www.lansdowneclassic.co.uk/wp-co ... ontwin.pdf

How to Replace Inlet Valve Seals Without Removing the Head:

850 Mk2 & 2A parts supplement (Inc. the '73 750/850 parts book exploded diagrams):
https://issuu.com/sealycycleservice/doc ... 2a_06-5988

French language workshop manual:
http://tramber-clausse.pagesperso-orang ... mmando.pdf


850 Mk.1A Parts Supplement (VIP Gallery)

Lucas Service Manual

Big D Cycle
Triumph/Norton online parts books: https://bigdcycle.com/norton-parts-books/

1968-1970 parts.
http://www.eurooldtimers.com/eng/manual ... 1970-.html

AP Lockheed Brake Service Manual
http://www.classicbike.biz/Triumph/Main ... Norton.pdf

Boyer Bransden Ignition Fault Diagnosis

Atlantic Green

Downloadable degree wheel
Commando Workshop Companion

"How do private messages get deleted to make room for future ones?" "What do the various icons on LH side of post headings mean?"

Commando Models

Original Commando 4/68-3/69
750 R 3/69-9/69
750S 3/69-6/70
Fastback 3/69-8/70
Fastback II 9/70-12/70
Fastback III 1/71-12/71
Fastback IV 1/72-3/73
Fastback LR (Long Range) 4/71-12/71
Fastback LR MkIV 1/72-2/73
Roadster 3/70-12/70
Roadster II 1/71-12/71
(no MkIII Roadster, apparently!)
Roadster IV 1/72-2/73
Roadster V 3/73-10/73
SS (Street Scrambler) 3/71-10/71
PR (Production Racer) 4/71-10/73
Hi-Rider 5/71-12/71
Hi-Rider IV 1/72-2/73
Hi-Rider V 3/73-10/73
Interstate 1/72-2/73
Interstate V 3/73-10/73
Roadster 1 4/73-12/73
Roadster 1A 9/73-2/74
Roadster 2/2A 1/74-2/75
Roadster 3 2/75-9/77
Interstate 1 4/73-12/73
Interstate 1A 9/73-2/74
Interstate 2/2A 1/74-2/75
Interstate 3 2/75-9/77
Hi-Rider 1 4.73-12/73
Hi-Rider 2 1/74-2/75
Hi-Rider 3 3/75-?
John Player Replica 11/73-2/75

US = UK terminlogy

Motorcycle = Motorbike
Plug wire = HT (High Tension) lead
Rim lock = Security bolt
Wrench = Spanner
Fender = Mudguard
Triple tree = Yoke
Ground = Earth
Fork tube = Stanchion
Gear shift = Gear change
Muffler = Silencer
Gasoline = Petrol
Petcock = Petrol/Fuel tap
Wrist pin = Gudgeon pin
Zerk fitting = Grease nipple
Lifters = Tappets
Counterclockwise = Anticlockwise
Bushing/s = Bush/es
Snap ring = Circlip
Footpeg = Footrest
Transmission = Gearbox
License plate = Number plate
Kerosene = Paraffin
Axle = Spindle
Denatured alcohol = Methylated spirit (or "meths")
High beam = Main beam
Low beam = Dipped (or Dip) beam
Blinkers/Flashers/Turn signals = (Direction) Indicators
Set screw = Grub screw (as a "set screw" in the UK is a fully threaded bolt with a hexagon head)
Tube wrench = Box spanner
Box-end wrench = Ring spanner
Allen wrench = Allen key
Adjustable wrench = "Adjustable" (spanner) or "Shifter"
Vise grip = Mole grip
Breaking-in = Running-in
Flashlight = Torch
Pinging = Pinking
Hose clamp = Jubilee clip
Bondo = Body filler
Rim band = Rim tape
Headlamp bucket = Headlamp shell
Lever perch = Lever bracket
Fiberglass = GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)/Fibreglass
Pry = Prise
Vise = Vice
Kickstand = Sidestand

Factory workshop manuals, parts manuals, riders handbooks and more: http://britmoto.com/

Lots of Triumph/Norton repair manuals, parts lists, brochures, etc.: http://www.classicbike.biz/

Amal carb info:




Commando Decals and Transfers:


Andover Norton:

Commando Workshop Manual '71-:

Amal Co. Carbs & Parts:

Amal tuning:
http://www.hitchcocksmotorcycles.com/am ... nc_ht.html


"Whitworth" and other British Standard thread information:

Norton/AMC fastener & thread identification (by part number):

Thread Charts:

Spanner/wrench jaw size chart:

Technical Information from Old Britts: http://www.oldbritts.com/ob_start.html

INOA technical articles: http://www.inoanorton.com/Articles/

UK Norton Owners Club: http://www.nortonownersclub.org/

Norton Owners Club NSW: http://www.nocnsw.org.au/home
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Postby L.A.B. » Sat May 17, 2008 3:34 pm

Unless you are a VIP member, images will have to be uploaded to a photo hosting website first in order to include them in posts at Access Norton. For members who may not know how, here's how to do it using the Photobucket website.

To begin, sign up at Photobucket: http://photobucket.com/ the basic Photobucket account is free and reasonably easy to use.

Upload your photos to your Photobucket album, preferably at no more than 1024 x768 image size, (the Photobucket upload procedure changes occasionally) select the 1024 size and "Save" otherwise oversize images posted on the Access Norton forum will be cropped automatically to fit the Access Norton forum page size although forum users who have wide monitor screens may be able to view full images wider than 1024.

Ensure the IMG option is enabled:
If not, click "Update Link Options":

Then check/tick the "IMG code option, and "Save" it:

Select (copy) the IMG code of the actual photo from your album that you want to include in your post and then 'paste' the code into your message reply at the desired position. Repeat the process for additional photos.

Do not 'Img' the image using the message reply box "Img" button if the Photobucket IMG code is selected as the code already has the img tags.

Before posting
Use 'Preview' to check all images show correctly in your message.

If you still see image code text instead of the actual image in Preview, then something is wrong so please try again.



Webshots Tutorial (thanks to swooshdave): viewtopic.php?p=76251#p76251
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