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New to 961?

Modern 961 Norton Commando Motorcycles

New to 961?

Postby richard-7 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:25 am

If you work on your own bike, do something today that you will thank-yourself later for.

- Go to your local store and get iridium plugs
- Get some PROGRIP grips (it's amazing how much a $15 item can improve your riding experience on the Norton)

Go to the CNW website and order the following;
- Bosch Coil
- ONE07 Racing Wires
- ONE07 Clutch Jam (You will need this one day)
- ONE07 Transmission vent
- ONE07 Gear Jam (very handy little tool)
- ONE07 Gear Puller (Unless you have a small one already)
- ONE07 Battery Mat
- ONE07 Starter Solenoid Rebuild Kit - optional purchase now but you will need it one day. (Unfort. if you have a low battery, the starter does not have enough power to turn the engine and the solenoid contacts flicker and rapidly wear out which makes starting it harder and harder to do each time. If they completely wear out, then this tool replaces and sets new contacts without removing the starter from the bike. Once you see whats involved to remove the starter, you will be glad we figured this out for you.. :)

- Then upgrade the ignition and add the vent.
- If you have close to 1,000 miles, do a head torque.
- Adjust your Butterfly Stop (IDLE SCREW - that's not really an idle screw the ECU does that) Read my manual carefully on this and make sure you do it right or your idle will climb way over 2,000rpm when the bike gets warm which could cause an accident. PS - You also need a locking nut.
- Contact Jonathan Reece -Skeleton Cycles DENVER and send him your ECU for a remap and re BIN file.

IF YOU DO ALL THESE THINGS, You will have the Norton 961 experience that is extremely satisfying and you will no longer be thinking you need to fix anything to make the bike better!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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