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Lots of used parts

(120 day listing) Access Norton is not affiliated with the parts for sale in anyway. By buying anything you are working directly with the seller.

Lots of used parts

Postby rgrigutis » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:14 pm

72 roadster tank and side covers fiberglass. 125.00
Mk2a air box 75.00
Mirrors 5.00 each
Roadster seat recovered great shape. 100.00
Kickstart lever '72. 25.00
Crossover exh pipes from '74. Some rust but good for wrap or ceramic coat 75.00
2 chainguards 15.00 each
Head steady 10.00
Center stand for '74. 125.00
4 German coils and brackets 100.00
Inner chain case 50.00
7" headlight she'll and cover 35.00
8" headlight she'll 15.00
2 choke assemblies 15.00 each
3 Lucas stators and 2 rotors. Wires posed in potting. 100.00
Podtronics 160 watt rr 25.00
Points ignition 35.00
Smiths speedo and tach w/cups. Both work, glass good. From mk2a. 300.00/pair

I really don't know what the appropriate prices for this stuff is. Tried to look on eBay but they're all over the place. So the prices indicated might be low or high. Pm me or email. Rickgrigutis@gmail.com for more info or pics. Will give a good discount for someone buying everything

Forgot how to post pics but they'll be coming. Thanks
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